Captain Shaffi visit Bagrote 

Representater of GB Assembly Muhammad shaffi visit Bagrote valley

Bagrote capt.shaffi and his fellows visit to Bagrote Bulchi and he announced A Class dispensary for the people of Bulchi Bagrote. 

He further says that others people of Bagrote valley also avail the opportunity of this dispensary.




  (chirah) RAMADAN CUP final will be played on 5th July 2017 says the organizer of Ramadan cup,he further said;both the team players  must present at the final given date.




Dry fruit play a vital role in the body of human

DRY FRUITS like apricot , walnut,become more popular among cold areas especially in mountainous areas. further these fruits are helpful to decrease the cloistral in the human body. research says;


local drama Aladdin

A Local drama Aladdin has been  shouted at  GARGO in which hamid ali playing a central role while the drama focuses on culture of GILGIT BALTISTAN and the language used in this drama is shena

said; DOCT. SAJJAD Director of Aladdin

        crew of drama aladdin at gargo