Trump…Name of Terror

Pakistan housing the terrorist.

Donald J. Trump

Who the hell are you saying that Pakistan housing the terrorist while when we analyze the activities of terrorism in the whole world than everyone feels the terror of Trump, the influence of Trump in any case of terrorism.

Who bring Usama Bin Ladin back to Pakistan, who lead terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sham,Libya and so many other states where terrorism happen in the shape of ISIS , Daisy, and Taliban and who funded these terrorist organizations. In the above paragraph the all ‘Who, refer to Trump.

On the other hand Trump showing vehement stance against Pakistan and consistently ignore Pakistani sacrifices vs terrorism in the shape of 911, Abbattabat attack and Pakistan fighting against terrorism by Zarab Uzab and Rad ul fasad.while Trump seem to be panegyric of India because of India will invest lots of money to buy weapons that give some relief to financial issues of America because now a days Trump facing hard financial problems.

The most important thing in this article is that Pakistan and America must create engagement from both sides to settle the current crisis otherwise the both countries will ready to face vehement terrorism. Its shows that the complete failure of foreign policy in Pakistan as well as in America.

While foreign ministry of Pakistan did not give any response to the statement of Trump. PMLN are trying to save Nawaz and his family in any cost to modify the Article 62, 63 that will help Nawaz Shareef black to white instead of giving immediate response to the harsh statement of Trump. On the other hand x- president of PPP Asif Zardari did hard gainsaying of Trump statement and policy saying that ” we are Muslim and Pakistani not Afghanistani.

Written By: Wajahat Hussain